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Dr. Kari Clement

Dr. Kari Clement

Kari Clement, DVM

Dr. Kari Clement is a ninth generation El Pasoan and is very proud of her El Paso and Texas heritage. She graduated from Burges High School, completed her undergraduate degree in Animal Science at New Mexico State and attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts finishing her clinical year at Tufts in Boston. Dr. Clement has had a passion for animals since she was three years old which her parents so greatly encouraged. She started her journey in veterinary medicine as a technician for almost 8 years after high school starting in Southern California and continuing while finishing her undergraduate degree right here at the Animal Emergency Center of El Paso.

Dr. Clement spent her first year in practice in Las Cruces at a small animal general practice, but has always had a love for emergency and critical care and has a special interest in surgery. She has completed courses in orthopedic surgery with a focus in fracture repair and plating and cruciate surgery. She finds herself very humbled and privileged to be back practicing at the same state-of-the-art hospital that gave her such an amazing foundation from the beginning and to work side-by-side again, now as colleagues with some of her greatest mentors.

Dr. Clement finds incredible passion not only in helping her patients, but also bringing comfort, empathy and joy to their families and the community overall.

​​​​​​​In her free time, Dr. Clement’s hobbies include gardening, playing the piano, hiking, playing tennis and golf and cooking. Most of her focus though is spending time with her husband and their very active toddler! And of course the family’s three fur-babies – two dogs Murphy and Gracie, and a cat named Monster.

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