Our West location is currently closed until the end of June, please call (915) 545-1148 for more information.
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East Location

Our 24-hour emergency service is staffed with experienced emergency doctors. Our dedicated Animal Care Assistants and Technicians round out our exceptional staff. Emergencies can happen all hours of the day, that is why we are open all night, every night.

Clinical services at El Paso Animal Emergency and Veterinary Referral Center have been and will continue to be developed with a strong emphasis on advanced technology. El Paso Animal Emergency and Veterinary Referral Center was one of the first to utilize digital radiology in the region, the first to bring CT services for animal use. Endoscopy, Ultrasonography, and in-house lab capabilities are constantly upgraded, MRI will be available in the near future. You can count on us for the continued compassion and commitment to excellence that has always been at the core of everything we do at El Paso Animal Emergency Referral Center.

Our Location

Our East location is centrally located in El Paso, Texas near the airport. Easily accessible from I-10, you can find us between Airway Blvd and Edgemere Blvd.

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El Paso, TX 79925 https://goo.gl/maps/N2M9Tuc9ELz6W3E66 9153010065