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How Canine Rehabilitation Can Help Heal Injuries

A full recovery is important if your dog suffers from musculoskeletal injuries. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends rehabilitation for some injuries. Knowing how rehab works can motivate you to provide the right type of care for your canine companion.


Different Types of Canine Physical Rehabilitation

Bringing your dog to someone trained in pet rehabilitation can help reset your dog’s physical functions. Your pet’s therapist can use each treatment by itself or in combination with several different treatments. Here are some of the techniques and how they can help your dog’s injuries:

  • Passive range of motion exercises can help your dog’s injuries improve by enhancing blood circulation in the cartilage, which encourages the area to heal better. This can also help bring back your dog’s normal physical function.

  • Therapeutic ultrasound sends sound waves to the affected area. The different intensities and frequencies of these soundwaves can trigger wound healing and enhance blood flow. This technique can treat wounds and scars as well as target joint stiffness, muscle spasms and pain.

  • Neuromuscular stimulation can decrease muscle wasting by strengthening muscles in dogs who have been immobile for a short period of time. Pets who suffer from temporary paralysis can also improve with neuromuscular stimulation. Your pet’s therapist will facilitate transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which can trigger the release of pain-relieving chemicals from your pet’s nerves.

  • Underwater treadmill therapy can relieve the stress in your dog’s joints. It allows your dog to recover from injuries by letting them walk on underwater treadmills before they walk on land. Regular sessions can improve your dog’s balance and mobility and can also enhance your dog’s flexibility and circulation.

  • Treadmill therapy can help your dog recover by improving balance, strength and endurance. The treadmill helps move your dog forward, which helps your dog move with fewer muscles and less effort than when walking regularly. Injured pets can regain their normal gait, or in more extreme cases, learn to walk again.

  • Massage techniques can help your dog’s muscles relax, which can reduce pain and stress, as well as improve your dog’s circulation.

  • Therapeutic exercises can help improve your dog’s coordination, strength and balance. Many exercises can rebuild damaged muscles and strengthen their core.

  • Laser therapy uses low-level laser therapy to reduce swelling and pain. It also improves the way your dog heals from injuries or surgery.


Helping Your Dog Relax

Some dogs enjoy physical touch and a lot of attention. These dogs tend to relax and even fall asleep during rehabilitation appointments. But for other dogs, anxiety and pain can cause them to show stress, which is why we always try to avoid restraining or forcing your dog in any way.                                        

Canine rehabilitation can help your injured dog regain normal physical activity and achieve a better quality of life. At El Paso Animal Emergency, we provide high-quality and effective treatments to our patients, big and small. Feel free to visit our facilities in East and West El Paso, Texas, for an in-person consultation. Please call 915-545-1148 to learn more about our canine rehabilitation packages.

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